#BurningLove project is an immersive participatory installation designed to help people feel, participate in, and co-create the ritual of love through deep sensory experiences involving storytelling in virtual reality (VR), activity participation, and co-design.

The aim is to teach that love, is an active state, can be learned, practiced and shared through vulnerability, deep listening and communication.



The art of love is one of the most sacred rituals that humans have discovered. Love can be exalting and empowering, it can also break hearts. This installation teaches vulnerability, deep listening and communication as a way to introduce a new conscious, elevated practice of the ritual of love. Love's capacity to nourish, heal and do good is deeply wired into our biology and into ways of relating to others in communities - helping to foster greater resilience.

#Burninglove is at its core is a participatory and deeply immersive installation. Users will experience deep interaction with the exhibit through a Virtual Reality Cinematic experience; then participate in love-building activities, and finally co-design what love means to them - by building upon each other’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences through the act of creative expression.

There are many kinds of love, and each is extremely important for our well-being and for creating healthy relationships and fostering communities. It is designed for three user journeys intended for different types of experiences:

  • Self-Love where individuals get inspired, and practice the love of self, through practices such as Love and Kindness Meditation.

  • Romantic Love helps to establish a deeper more authentic connection, reach deeper levels of trust by experiencing and practicing vulnerability, deep listening, sharing hopes and fears.

  • Community Love is about creating and shaping a loving community through hope and sharing tools that can lead to the development of deeper connections, fostering loving relationships, and building resilience.  

Whether one comes alone, as a couple, or as a large group, they will have a choice of picking one or more of the journeys to submerse themselves in.


3 User Journeys

The installation is designed for 3 unique user journeys (see attached visual) intended for different types of loving experiences: self-love, romantic love, and community love. Each journey follows 3 stages:

1) Virtual Reality Cinematic – a private space with Virtual Reality headsets. Participants are taken on a 7-10 min cinematic journey with loving visuals, music, & spoken word, evoking deep loving emotions.

2) Participatory – This stage involves practicing love, which will be a unique experience for each of the user groups. Each experience will be grounded in research and is meant to inspire vulnerability, trust, and transcendence.      

3) Co-Design – This final stage is shared between all the journeys. This is a physical space where participants can reflect and share their unique experiences by co-designing meaning of love with provided art and craft materials. This is done on a large physical heart-shaped board(s).


Love is an active state of being, which can be learned, practiced and shared. Each stage of the installation is designed and will be executed based on scientific research, deep philosophical reflections, and our lived experience.