We are excited to share this experience with as many people as possible! 

As the #BurningLove project develops, we are looking for events and venues to showcase and share this installation.  

Drop us a note if you want more info on how we can showcase at an event near you. 

Past Events

Valentine's DAY 2017

Our first public showing of the #BuringLove project was focused on romantic love. Couples joined at Cafe Lavi where we offered a unique and transformative date for their Valentine's Day.

Burning Man 2017

This was a 4 day participatory experience hosted by One Tribe camp at Burning Man. We had an opportunity to showcase self-love, community love and romantic love journeys for Burning Man participants. The experience of people sharing, talking and creating about love left us touched and invigorated with hope. Pictures from the event can be seen here

Burning Man 2017, One Tribe Camp

Burning Man 2017, One Tribe Camp