Behind the #BurningLove Scene

BurningLove is a passion project for both of us. In the summer of 2016, we met at Burning Man, and began this journey... 

Our first encounter was simply sitting near each other at a workshop, and serendipitously pairing up for a Tantra-Mantra meditation. Not knowing anything about each other, we both took a chance and allowed ourselves to be vulnerable. After the meditation, we spent hours talking about what we experienced, and how specific parts related to our lives. By opening ourselves up, active listening, and honest and open communication, we were able to build trust. Our bond strengthened quickly and we became inspired to share what we've learned in this experience with others. We also quickly realized that we have complementary skills that help us merge our passion for empathic design, virtual reality, and the experience of love.  

Ksenia is a professionally trained designer and strategist, with multidisciplinary experience conducting human-centred design research, engaging users and facilitating co-creation and empathy building using a variety of design and storytelling tools.

Joe is a software developer and consultant in the Silicon Valley for virtual and augmented reality experiences. From immersive stories to pediatric interactive games, he uses innovative technology to help bring digital content to life.

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